Thursday, 17 March 2011

Money Talks - ACDC

As the old adage goes...Anyone can say what they are going to do... others make it happen. So it has for my good friend Andy McMenemy who has set off on his 66 day, 66 city ULTRA-marathon World Record. Dead easy if you say it quickly and also easy when you have done it as the pain becomes a rosy glow in life's rear view mirror.

Only I know how he feels tonight on his second day into the feat... I remember my own 43 day Mega-day ULTRA from London to Lisbon. I felt knackered on the A3 to Portsmouth and wondered why the **** I was doing 43 x 31 milers. The finish in Lisbon reminded why!

It's hard when you are in it to look at the big picture of your mission as have to keep selling the dream to all the people you have convinced to help you achieve your goals, especially when you are down. I was lucky that my crew were great and that we had an easy going lifestyle out on the road.

I'm looking forward to seeing Andy next Wednesday in Derby after his first week on the case... and to see him get all 66 Ultras in the bag as he deserves the glory... as he's the most prolific energy giver that I know. Hopefully his deltoids will last the course and I will encourage him when I see him.

Be good to get the first week's story from him first-hand. Keep going mate... I proud to know you.

His site is here and give all you can for such a worthy guy/cause...

More tomorrow...

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