Friday, 25 March 2011

Roadwork - Edgar Winter

Why do cycle-lanes have all the drains, sewer covers and pot-holes in them and not the rest of the road?

I think they must have put them there deliberately in the case of downtown Long Eaton. In fact their cycle lanes just END... and I mean END just when you don't need them to.

Very annoying especially when your bum is numb from bouncing over the bumps whilst sitting on a razor blade saddle.

In an age when we are trying to get people mobile and fuel is hitting £1.40 a litre (that's £6.30 a gallon btw) we need our Sustrans friends to come and smooth out local tarmac.

When they have done ours... shall I send 'em your way?

More tomorrow from Perth (Scotland) and preparations for the Celtic Plate... hopefully we are not running round a cycle track at the weekend as I will need my off roaders...

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