Friday, 11 March 2011

I can see clearly now - Jimmy Cliff

Funny eh? What I thought was my old back giving me a load of grief last May following the Marathon des Sables was in fact my ITB (the dreaded Iliotibial band syndrome)... and bugger me did it hurt and it had started to again!

But it's gone as my good friend Paul White, aka The Magician of Loughborough' sorted it out earlier today. BIG OUCH!!!

If the Hot Fuzz swearbox had been in the room, I would clocked the £2 fine a hundred times, it's pure torture... and F@CK is just not harsh enough to describe the pain... although the moment the treatment stops...the sensation is mildly orgasmic.

Just pure ecstasy... aren't bodies wierd?

So, to keep me going in the desert there's going to be a quick crash course for Jan Slater and hopefully Morocco won't be an issue... famous last words!

Anyway we'll see what they are like tomorrow...

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