Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Things can only get better - D:ream

My Marathon des Sables shoes came back from the cobblers today after having the Velcro sewn and glued on to them. It's another reminder that The Sahara Experience is beckoning... there's less than four weeks now till we hit the heat and the sand.

I must say that I wish my training was a bit better as I ran 6.5 miles yesterday and hated every single step... the weekend's event has sapped all my energy I think. I hope it comes back soon...as I still have the Celtic Plate 50km to have a trot on and an ULTRA-marathon with 66 Ultra, Andy McMenemy to do before hitting Quarzazate.

Yesterday was just one of those bad Mondays... amongst other things my laptop hard drive broke, my Garmin froze and I got done for doing 35mph in a 30mph zone... Hey ho - things can only get better eh?

More tomorrow...

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