Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Black and White Town - The Doves

Great running song this one... I used it a lot on the Flora 1000 mile Challenge back in 2003. Music really helps... although getting together a collection of tunes that will drive you on and inspire you when things are tough and tougher by the minute is quite a challenge in itself.

There are songs like 'Scream' by Geri Haliwell and 'Close to Love' by Girls Aloud... which you know you shouldn't like that actually do the trick. And from this blog you will know roughly where my musical taste is coming from (mostly Floyd) but there are so many great songs to chose from outside of my world that it makes you wonder just what I could be missing...

So this is where I am asking you what your favourite track is and why it helps you get thru the dark times of running or life in general... surprise me!

More tomorrow... now where's that Alvin Stardust Album?

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