Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Puddle of Mud - Take it all away

What's the worst thing you can get on 'Holiday'... RAGING TOOTHACHE... that's what. And it's a good job I got it a day early...

As following an interrupted night's sleep it was an early start to the nice Dentists, yes DentistS as it took two of them to yank it out at my local Breaston Dental Surgery.

I didn't really have much of an option but it was pointed out to me later on by my fellow MdeS tentmate, Lou Brockman, that the weight saving alone was worth the pain.

Not too sure if I agree however and it means that it's liquids until tomorrow and my plans of attacking the family bag of peanuts in Jenny's suitcase have been thwarted. Talk about bad planning eh? Let's hope that the rest of the trip goes smoother as I am looking for an easy life out in the desert.

More tomorrow from Gatwick...

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