Tuesday, 1 February 2011

We are the Champions - Queen

Well I thought it was time to get a shot of the '9bar UK ULTRArace Championship T-Shirt' in the blog and I thought Jenny would be a better model than I would! Seeing the T-Shirt has made me realise just how much work we have put in during the last 12 months to make it all happen and I have a bit of a proud feeling today.

That and the warmer weather has definitely got me going again today as yesterday's sub zero start never really got me off the blocks and my Power Hour on the Treadmill certainly lacked Power!

So it's time to consider some last minute training for the weekend and the second day of The Pilgrim Challenge... should be a good day out and it's time I did a long run to refocus...

Belfast beckons tomorrow... more then...


  1. Looks v flash. Do London Ultra runners (like me) get one of those too?

  2. Hi Sarb, runners in the championship get them if they do five of our events. Or you can buy one for £20... well worth it too either way.


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