Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The way we were - Barbra Streisand

I watched the film 'Working Girl' tonight... and boy things were different back in 1988... all that HAIR! OMG held in place by a mountain of hair lacquer, no wonder the ozone layer has disappeared. Everything in that movie was just so chunky. Dos based computer screen with just text, giant TV's and shoulder pads that you would need to turn sideways to get though a door. What were we thinking? What happened to her Melanie Griffith's face?

The last 20+ years have been a complete revolution... as back then I didn't even have a mobile phone. No-one did... well no-one I knew and when I did get one a couple of years later it was bolted in the car and didn't work very well. My iPhone for instance is a million light-years from where we were back then.

In less than a lifetime... gosh it's worrying.

As I wonder where it's all going, as 'Working Girl' wouldn't get made today, it's too cheesey and any modern day film now reflects our modern day life and that need for fast action, fast moving viewing to stimulate our already over-stimulated brains.

I for one am far to guilty of this and will of course be adding this Bookface and Twitty as soon as I stop blogging... We just need to know what we are all doing it seems!

Whatever's next, I wonder and what good will it bring... hmm...

More tomorrow...

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