Thursday, 10 February 2011

Friends - The Rembrandts

It's amazing how things just become Iconic. They rise from Nowhere, become a phenomenon and then disappear leaving a legacy a permanent mark on our modern day culture. Take Friends for instance... 10 seasons of 236 programmes...where the last show was watched by 52.5 million American viewers, making it the fourth most-watched series finale in television history... just how many times has this series already been shown?

It doesnt matter though as it's a brilliant collaboration of the two sexes with three character types we can all associate ourselves and our loved ones with. With Phoebe's wackiness, Monica's organisation and Rachel's looks you have the perfect date... I always wanted to be just like Chandler as he is the funny one but I think I am more Ross sometimes which doesn't help. I am never a Joey!

I did like 'The British Friends', 'Cold Feet' but it was never such a hit even though it had similar programme attributes.

What we do have running all day on TV and abroad (we saw it in Australia) is 'Top Gear' which is brilliant IMO... How many more series of the Three Amigos will be interesting to see as it's getting too formulaic BUT it's good boys stuff and aimed right at my age bracket... I just loved the James May Spitfire programme too.

Anyway, I am off to ask Jen, 'How you doing'...

More tomorrow...

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