Friday, 11 February 2011

Telephone Line - The Electric Light Orchestra

We had our Telephone Directory today... whatever happened to that. It's titchy! Half the size it used to be with only BT customers in it.
My how things change!

Now when I was a lad with the phone box across the road (Telephone Number Welford 361, btw) there used to be paving size slabs of directories bolted into the kiosk next to the magical 'A' and 'B' buttons that took and refunded the money. See picture...

Anyway, the directory was really important even when I was in my early 20's, especially when I drew the when I got my listing for Mr R.J.Coleman for 38 Joseph Way, my I thought I had finally arrived.

How things change eh?

Nowadays, all we want our privacy and our home numbers just aren't listed. I for one am quite happy not to be listed even though we are all over the web... why is that?

Actually I am going to ring my old number just to see who owns it and if they are as proud as I was of it... I do laugh as it was one number away from the local Chinese and we got so cheesed off with wrong numbers we used to take the orders! Ha ha.

With our now on-line, it's been a good day and we are out on The Cardiff ULTRA course tomorrow...

Happy days... now where's that phone? It used to have a dial that span round now maybe iPhone can do an app for that...

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