Thursday, 17 February 2011

Legs - ZZ Top

Just how far are one pair of legs meant to go?

Mine have done over 20,000 miles in marathons alone and over double that in training at least, or even more... If I was a car I would heading for a major service! Especially being a classic1962 model...

It's a bloody long way when you think about it and I am really lucky that I don't have any problems with my old trotters. A lifetime guarantee wouldn't have been much help eh? (They only last 100,000 miles on a car it seems anyway).

I would love to know just how far I've would be most interesting.

How far will they go? Well, we'll just have see. Hopefully into a marathon sunset and past my 1000 marathon target... good 'Headstone Epitaph Stuff'.

Hmmm... How far do YOU go?

Anyway, got to run and more later... there's a few miles to add...

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