Tuesday, 8 February 2011

More than a Feeling - Boston

Well it happened today on a treadmill of all places... yes I went back in a time warp to how it used to feel back in 1998 when I was at the top of my training. It was a trance moment... just magical really where time and energy was just endless. Gosh I like my man made drugs!

It's sometimes hard to remember just how fit I used to be... really fit... in fact really, really fit. '50 miles... not a problem, when? now? Oh... when are we leaving? Now...? Great!' used to be my thinking.

Ten miles on Sunday in two hours where I have run a 3:41 marathon on the same trail was somewhat unnerving. Today, back to normal, well whatever that is I suppose. Maybe it was just seeing some Crocuses out today and leafy Daffodils sticking out of the ground that have my spring sap rising. Summer's on it's way!

Now where's that treadmill as I need another good run!

More tomorrow...

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