Friday, 4 February 2011

Song for Guy - Elton John

I am not surprised that good old Elton has given the Lip-Synchers a bit of a bashing today. Folk who are seen to be leaders in their fields of expertise should be able to turn on the tap and make things happen when required.

In short there is substitute for talent and hard work... Son George knows that with his band... there's no room for faking it there!

Take my world of fitness... It's always surprising when products and medical procedures are said to make you thinner... when in reality diet and exercise counts for all. Especially this week as I am going to try a Gluten Free week to see what difference it makes to how I feel in my training. No bread, pasta etc... hmm we'll see eh?

Pilgrims Challenge on Sunday for my birthday and a family day tomorrow to celebrate... nice...

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