Thursday, 17 February 2011

The White Album - The Beatles

I have a notion that white cars are coming back into fashion... I am seeing them EVERYWHERE... not just your white van but lots of performance cars it seems. Audi's especially and top end models, when will we stop being fashion victims to really daft ideas. I had a white Astra back in 1990 and it was only ever clean the moment I washed it... a moment later it was just dirty from the windows down and the rear of it was permanently a browny-grey!

We did have a time mid-nineties where we all had green cars, (I had a beautiful 'Boston Green BMW') but they were deemed hard to sell and a bit unlucky so then everything went silver then metallic grey. And it worked perfectly!

So why WHITE?

We'll be back in Orange and Canary Yellow soon, can't we just jump this step into Blanc!

More tomorrow and I will be testing my theory by counting cars on the M1...

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