Monday, 21 February 2011

Fade to Grey - Visage

During my Power Hour on the treadmill today, I suddenly became very aware the everyone in my ield of view was wearing Grey Tracky bottoms... Whoever designed these has no idea of a) fashionable b) sizing c) wicking ability.

They are simply AWFUL imo... does anyone know when they arrived on our shores or where they came from... as I want to send them back. Don't give me the comfort, warm and cosy cheap line about them as none of this is relative to just how much I loathe the very sight of their baggy, grey appearance.

Ron Hill Tracksters are a light year more preferable and even they are old man trousers. Even I am too young for those bad boys!

Designers... have a rethink... Grey tracky bottoms are off to Room 101 and I am off to bed!

More tomorrow...

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