Monday, 31 January 2011

Ordinary World - Duran Duran

Is it me or do the Duran Duran boys have different hair follicles to mine? They must as mine is getting greyer and thinner and Simon Le Bon's is getting stronger and browner! I must say that at 50+ the Duranies are looking exceptionally good and looking back over the last 30 years have made some great music... was Planet Earth really 1981...

In 30 years time will be saying the same about Rihanna... I hope not as her records just plague me wherever I go it seems... talk about talentless!

So in 2041, I will be looking closely at an 80+ year old Simon Le Bon, will he still have those flowing locks?... will I have any hair left?... who knows. I'm 49 this weekend and still thinking 'Rio' was No 1 only yesterday... not 1983!

My how time's change...

More tomorrow!

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