Friday, 28 January 2011

Life of Mine - Toxic Federation

Makes me wonder with the celebrity culture that we now live in, whether ULTRA-running would have some good effect on those in dark places. Take the news today of actor Charlie Sheen... maybe if he experienced some of the natural highs that I and I am sure many of you have experienced ULTRA-running, then he might finally get rid of the Drugs and Alcohol nightmare that he is currently experiencing and that will probably hound him for ever.

I think it's a real shame that these people live with these pressures and no outlet to relieve their emotions but to mentally drop out with drugs...

Whether George Michael for instance will EVER come and run an ULTRArace, well we'll have to wait and see... we won't hold our breath BUT what we DO know is that maybe he'd be in a better place if he came and did a few miles with us.

More tomorrow...

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