Tuesday, 18 January 2011

4am Eternal - Lost Prophets

What is it with 4am? I must have a built in body alarm clock as everyday I wake up at 4am on the dot... and that's whether it's here or in Australia... it's plain weird.

I wouldn't mind too much if I was going to bed at 6pm. like Jenny (now she can sleep for Wales) as I would be getting a good ten hours or so... , but I can't and won't as I am trying to get my days back to normal... well whatever normal is in 'Roryworld'.

Hopefully the upcoming ULTRArace 45 weekend will soon put me back straight and the thought of getting up at 4am a thing of the past.

Is anyone else feeling the 4am unrest at the moment? As it's strange that this is occurring at a time where I am not over training and feel very chilled after a great holiday.

Any pointers would be well received... more later or call me at 4am... I'll be up!

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