Monday, 24 January 2011

Feedback - Janet Jackson

Well we've been blown away today with the feedback from ULTRArace 45. People are so kind and it makes our world a very nice warm place when we know we are giving folk what they want at the weekend.

Over 90 miles in the mud and dark on a canal in January has never been so much fun eh?

Back in the real world and after emptying a van of race refuse it was a ten hill rep session with M2M Runner Claire Wright... and boy it hurt! That suffocation/asthma feeling mixed with a bit of pukey queasiness never gets any better I can tell you. I was so glad it was over... and as for Claire, she is going great guns and has achieved a great level of fitness and confidence following my ULTRA running training plan.

Tomorrow... well Jenny and I start a run up to her Celtic Plate 100kms with some early morning conditioning sessions and running... hmm lovely.

More then...

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