Thursday, 27 January 2011

Fantastic Day - Haircut 100

We saw a man of about 30 yesterday on the tube with a 'Bobby Charlton' Comb-over. It was mighty weird and a real fashion flashback to the 70's. Let's hope that they are not coming into fashion eh? It does show that what goes around comes around and no doubt the 'Kevin Webster' moustache will be next... though as a previous culprit myself, I am not too sure that I will be regrowing my whiskers.

I recently looked at my shiny Nike purple running shorts that I ran my first ever marathon in and for sure they were a massive fashion statement at the time but a real mistake in hindsight ... I am keeping them though for my 1000th Marathon, whenever that is... if I can still fit in them of course. Seems only right to finish as I started!

From now on it's keeping it simple, especially with what hair I have left and making sure that there is no evidence of any facial hair...

More tomorrow... now where's my Mach 3...

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