Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Tori Amos - The Sandwich Song

What's going on at Starbucks? Their sandwiches are disappearing. Let me explain...We've been out and about on the ULTRArace 45 course today marking the route and as ever the early start meant a stopover at the services and a good old Starbucks coffee...

The Coleman Dustbin as ever needed filling and I spied a very nice looking BLT, ONLY being packed as two halves on top of each other, it looked a bit narrow. On getting two of these together to build a whole round, it was obvious that about half an inch of middle sandwich was missing - I checked everywhere and even asked to a very blank face but the extra piece of sandwich was nowhere to be found.

Explanations anyone - or do Starbucks suppliers give the bigger halves to M&S... I need to know!

Oh, how was the route?... it was great and a beautiful day out. If you are coming, you'll love it!

More later...

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