Saturday, 29 January 2011

Car Wash - Rose Royce

I discovered that our cars are in fact Silver and Blue today as I washed a very dirty January off our vehicles. One of the things I noticed in Australia, was just how clean everything stayed out there and that it's so much cleaner with out half a ton of mud and winter salt.

Today was bitter in my opinion and I am really suffering with the harshness of the weather and just getting my feet and hands warm is unusually hard... an unheard of for me as I am unusually a T Shirt in winter sort of chap.

With the daylight slowly extending, maybe there's hope and light at the end of my winter tunnel and glady February beckons... and some nice spring running out there in the warmth!

I must say I am looking forward to our trip to Northern Ireland this week and will let you know more of the mission later in the week... now where's my slippers as my feet are like ice blocks and there's another cold night ahead!

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