Saturday, 22 January 2011

Nightfever - The Bee Gees

It's been a great day out of course on ULTRArace 45 today... and yet again we've been blown away by all of the runners in this amazing sport of ULTRA-running that we all enjoy so much. In a world of politics, rising petrol prices and so much negativity it's really heartening to be surrounded by so many positively minded people.

With our numbers expanding and the 9bar UK ULTRArace Championship now getting underway we feel delighted to be part of the recent ULTRA running explosion in Britain. Having the added bonus of runners from Germany and Sweden's Torkel Skogman breaking the course record by 1 minute in 6hrs and 26mins... is just fantastic.

These are great days at ULTRArace and it's another day out on ULTRArace 45 tomorrow... now where's my gloves...

More later...

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