Sunday, 23 January 2011

Bodytalk - Imagination

Watching the runners set off this morning on ULTRArace 45 day two, I got to thinking about just how amazing the human body is. 45 miles or so is an awfully long distance for anyone to consider to run, let alone complete. Doing this twice in two days, in the mud and cold of a January weekend and it starts sounding remarkable to me.

It wasn't an easy day out for some of our competitors, battling injuries as well as plain fatigue BUT they got there... in great spirit and that's what we are all about at ULTRArace. As I write, I am waiting for the final three to complete their runs and I know that next in, Andy Stewart, will have great smile on his face and be more than happy about his weekend's racing. People are nice you see...

As for us, well we are knackered but most happy that we have had another great event... more later.

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