Monday, 17 January 2011

Back in Black - ACDC

And Yes, we are finally back from our adventures in Australia… an extreme, wonderful and very warm place to be at New Year’s, I can tell you. I must say that before going,  I was a little sceptical of returning home with an Australian twang and being labelled a 'Whinging Pom' but neither happened, in fact the Aussies were just lovely and even at their lowest point at the Test Match they were most welcoming. Owzthat eh!
Certainly Sydney's Harbour with Bridge and Opera House are just simply iconic landmarks and probably the highlights of our time there. So much so that I took on the 1149 metres of The Harbour Bridge 38 times to do the first Sydney Harbour Bridge Marathon in a modest 4.51.01 on the muggiest day I could have picked. A remarkably hard run of half ascent, descent amidst bewildered tourists and security guards. A new marathon genre has been invented I believe...
Back home after a very worrying flight(s) with Air China now famous for it's Chicken Porridge, we are slowly getting back to normal in ULTRAworld. It's hard being wide awake at 3am and dead to the world at 3pm but hopefully normal service will soon be resumed. My word it's a long old way down under!
Anyway, it's half-eight at night and time for bed... got to be up at 3am!

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