Friday, 2 March 2012

Duel - Propaganda

Makes you wonder sometimes what Propaganda we are being fed sometimes as yesterday we were subjected to a shopping trip by the three generations of the 'Royals' on a jaunty trip down to the Queen's local corner shop Fortnum & Mason.

They sampled tea and sweets before taking home some dog biscuits and the three women were presented with wicker hampers filled with luxurious items including 'Dog Biscuits'. The animal rights campaigners also gathered to protest the store's policy of selling foie gras, with one activist dressed as a Goose to cause a bit of a stir, so it wasn't all plain sailing.

What was the point? The big winners must be Fortnum & Mason, and no doubt Beverley Aspinal, their Marketing Manager will be well pleased but does this endear us to people spending tax payers money at posh shops? I am not so sure - they could have done this without the publicity really, as they get loads of stuff free including Macleans Toothpaste which I saw is used by HRH Prince Charles (as it's good to know he looks after his choppers just like me) .

So why do it and who fed us the story - The Government, The BBC - I'd love to know?

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