Friday, 23 March 2012

Don't Believe a Word - The Awesome Thin Lizzy

Now if you are a regular reader and also a marathon runner, come and have a go at this bad boy on The Jurassic Coastal Challenge... a 3 day, treble marathon (of which I am so glad to say that we decided to only do 2 of as it's close to MdeS)... Glad 'cos it was bloody brutal that's why...

There are some plain daft ascents and descents on the coastal path that literally stopped me in my tracks in the first 10 miles or so that made me realise that I talk a better race than I run... apart from the last 13 miles today on the flatter trail where I put all my toys back in my pram and 'Manned up Buttercup', with enough left in the legs to run a 5.55.25 to get me circa 70th on day one... I ended up chuffed actually...

Slaterchops, of course, set off like a gazelle and finished third overall in 4:22 which shows just how tough it was for her too as it put a good 70 minutes on her PB marathon time, which makes me feel somewhat better about my run... It did make me think that at 20 degrees today, the 50+ of The Western Sahara seems slightly more daunting but them hills in Dorset are the biggest killers I have been on in this lifetime I can tell you.

Tomorrow, well there's even harder hills to come in the last 10km near Lulworth Cove... but then that's tomorrow. All I do know is that at 2152hrs it's time for this 50yr old to turn out the light and join his 37yr old partner who has already gone to sleep - in our holiday caravan, with two strangers, We know how to have romantic weekends away eh?

Anyway, less of that and more after the next Marathon...

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