Thursday, 8 March 2012

Jump - Van Halen

We jumped back into training today (with varying degrees of success), as the ever approaching MdeS is  beckoning like a Siren it seems to some great adventure in a sea of sand and rocks. There's never enough time it seems and no matter how much you do towards making yourself fit enough to take on 'The World's Toughest Footrace... it's NEVER going to be enough!!!

Funny thing is that I could train for years and Jenny could become a permanent couch potato and she would still beat me by miles so I often wonder how much is NATURAL ability and how much is GAINED ability.

Who knows, in fact who cares as its only a month away and no matter what, it will be SUPER hot and at the end of the first days race, we will both be asking ourselves 'Why the hell are we doing this again?'... at the finish line of last day of the MdeS, we will again agree that it's one of our life defining moments... it's magic you see!!!

I liken MdeS to Christmas, it comes once a year, lasts for 12 days, we see people we only see once a year, it's very expensive and there's lots of last minute shopping and packing... it makes a great present too.

More tomorrow... I'm off down the gym... again...

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