Wednesday, 7 March 2012

King of Pain - The Police

My legs are still knackered from the weekend - my Adductors feel like they've been beaten up by a Mad Butcher with a Meat Mallet. A mere 30 metre shuffle qualified my thoughts and another day of rest and some more dastardly stretching will hopefully see me back running tomorrow... lets hope anyway... as they are KILLING!

A shame really as for once it's been a beautiful day down in Caerdydd, well it only rained a bit, and I think the Sand of Merthyr Mawr beckons for at least Jenny anyway, might go sunbathing myself if it stays nice...

And then it's a packing frenzy ready for the Weekend's ULTRArace Grantham race, and maybe a few more miles on the trail and on the road.

Hey ho...

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