Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wire - U2

If you are 50 - then act it!

Now if only I had heeded my own warnings, worn a high viz-jacket, tested the equipment before hand and load tested the children's rope slide in the local park, I wouldn't have a very badly bruised or broken Coccyx...

I can't tell you how much it hurts and how impossible it is to sit down... IT'S PURE AGONY... and as you know I'm not one to go on about being hurt especially as Jenny will be fussing more than she is now but it's all my own fault you see.

I was with my daughter Pearl at the park and did what lots of other Dad's do in that 'You've been framed being a Pratt and acting like a small boy way' and in a moment of high drama went from the start of the world's biggest wire swing by an 80kgs 50year old man to making the wire sag with my weight and hitting the metal bar below the swing with my full weight wrecking my old Coccyx and bruising my big pride... Yikes!!!

Well it was more Yikes really but no F Word as the Pups was there... it did make my eyes water though.

Not a good idea with MdeS 4 weeks away and so where I am now... well I am lying on the floor typing on my stomach and hoping that in a few days that the pain subsides...

This and my recent toe stubbing incident in a ball pond means my playground days might well be numbered!

Maybe it's time to grow up?

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