Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Legs - ZZ Top

It's amazing just how much they can hurt you know... the cliffs of the Jurassic Coastline have a lot to answer for and I am sure that my Cardiff-Derby-Cardiff round trip will not make them repair any quicker! Going downstairs in a hurry to answer the door to Parcelforce at the crack of dawn (are they allowed to deliver that early?) made for a very Bambi-like journey to the front door... made even more comical by me waring Jenny's dressing gown!

The Postie didn't comment though and was probably glad to see that I had SOME clothes on... from there it things in the lower leg department didn't get much better but my Coccyx is showing signs of being less bruised and I was cheered up by daughter Pearl (7) when she said that 'She would still remember me when I was dead,' from the back of the car on the school run... surely my legs aren't killing me that much are they?

Ah well, it's the thought that counts, thanks for the vote of confidence Pearly... Now where's the Nurofen?

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