Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Coffee Song - Bob Hilliard and Dick Miles

Is anyone else out there addicted to Coffee?... I am...

I must say that a drop of Caffeine in the morning really gets the old body into gear and the day started for me and in the lead up to the Marathon des Sables, I am trying to cut down.

Hmmm... it would be easy except FOR THIS SPLITTING HEADACHE... which won't go as I am going to have to have a cup in a minute as nothing is shifting this one!

No wonder Costa and Starbucks have sprung up all over the place as there is now an endless stream of people needing Americanos, Lattes and Skinny White Flats to get them, and me I hasn't to add, thru our every increasingly busy pressuriseded day. Made more pressurised perhaps by our caffeine intake!

I am interested if you have gone 'Cold Turkey' on Caffeine and how long it will take before my need for Caffeine will subside...

More tomorrow... now where's that kettle?

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