Saturday, 24 March 2012

Up and Down - The Vengaboys

Well the second day of the Jurassic Coastal Challenge didn't disappoint... tough, hot but not totally impossible and gave us probably some of the best trail available that any ULTRArunner could ever want. The navigation isn't perhaps for those that aren't too Geographically alert (Slater did 2 more miles than me) but it's route had only a couple of places where we had been forewarned of that gave rise to some common errors of judgement.

It was quite a day to run thru Weymouth and see some of the biggest folk that England has to hand and witness the deep Olympic clean that is taking place prior to the Yachting taking place in just a few months time. Seb would be proud of the freshly painted lamp-posts along the front.

Are we running tomorrow's third and final leg, well hell no... our quads are pretty much battered now by the steep descents BUT I fell well prepared for MdeS and can definitely recommend this seaside escapade to anyone of any running/walking ability who is looking for a personal challenge. It's great...

Might do all three next time.

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