Saturday, 3 March 2012

Heavy - Dizzie Rascal

On the eve of the Barry 40 (well 26.2 in my case as I can't do 161 laps of the track)... We are both stocking up on calories before the race. Following our trip to ASDA, where we saw lots of normal people who don't run stocking up on Pizzas etc, it got me thinking that if we didn't run just how BIG we might have been...

Lets hope that all the extra calories helps us out as we are going to need it I think as pouring rain is forecast for the Lovely Jenner Park Stadium isn't too breezy for us as we go do-lally going round and round and round.... for hours on end.

Jenny is of course doing the Full Monty and I will cheer her on in the comfort of a very warm coat as she tries to get as close to 5hrs as possible. A sub-4 will be good for me, especially as I have a hurty toe and man-flu for the past week.

More tomorrow...

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