Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mistaken Identity - Kim Carnes

Who invented the Company Lanyard and Identity Card that I see office people wearing? Most often I see them nowhere near their place of work and worn over some very tired looking ties, blue shirts and very shiny trousers. I mean, why would you need a company pass to get into a building where some poor folk have worked for most of their professional careers. Unhappily if the mugshots on their cards are anything to go by!

You would think that after a just a few weeks of work, the security people who work there might just recognise them. It's Hi-Viz all gone wrong....

The whole world's just crazy, our Business Bank Manager phoned me today and called me by my first name, I also greeted her by using her first name, there was voice recognition between us, however I had to qualify my home address before she could give me some information that I needed. She only knows that information because I told her where I live, when I filled my forms in. Imagine next time you are talking to anyone on the phone and you stop them mid-sentence for their address details before you carry on with your conversation and ask them a question that they told you the answer for... it's nuts.

But then it's all Nuts, (oh no not NUTS) but I can inform you that this blog hasn't been prepared in a factory that processes nuts or nut products and a pass is not needed at our front door to access all areas of our house or the need for a Hi-Viz jacket to get around it....

It's normal here and it's simple - and that's how we like it...

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