Monday, 20 February 2012

Relax - Frankie goes to Hollywood

Well what a few days we've had at ULTRArace - who says that excitement coupled with good hard work and very little sleep isn't fun? Our Tribesports London ULTRA, provided us with just that... It had a couple of very late night route marking exercises that the SAS would have been proud of, including an total eclipse of the moon when Jenny went over a six foot high set of railings out of one park and a few moments where we wondered about our sanity as we must have been the ONLY people daft enough to be out running around the capital's countryside in the early hours.

The biggest highlight being that we saw 12 foxes during our night out, (or maybe the same fox 12 times?) right up close on most occasions...

Oh, the race, well it was most enjoyable on a lovely spring day in London. The new start and finish worked well for us and the runners' I think and we can now fine tune it for next year and make things even better...

Happy Days... and more tomorrow.

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