Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wind and Wuthering - Genesis

Now if you are reading this and are saying that you don't let out the occasional 'niffer' or two, I don't believe you. One thing I do know is that you can't be any more windy than I am on my Baked Bean diet right now.

It's not the best of times to have excess gas as it's cold when you are driving with the windows down and in company I have to wait for cars to pass as it's VERY embarrassing especially with the quantity of Heinz based earthquakes that I just can't seem to hold onto anymore.

I think the cabbage diet is definitely out of the question!!! I remember the effects on my first Mother-in-Law with that one...

Thing is that the BB diet is actually doing me the world of good and so if you know of any cure, apart from eating pure Charcoal or Sound Proof Air Tight Pants please let me know...

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