Monday, 13 February 2012

Help! - The Beatles

Well it's been aaages since I've blogged and I have been promptly reminded it's about time I started writing again. I'm currently a bit like a rabbit in headlights having been sponsored by Eurosport for the MdS this year. There I was thinking I would leave the 2012 MdS and I get a 'phone call offering me a place - well it would be rude not to! The thing is, I quite like running in races as an unknown with no expectations on you. I'm a bit too familiar out there already and this will probably increase the pressure tenfold - my 2 teammates are men that have both finished in the top 10 - yikes!

On the plus side it has certainly helped focus my training with plenty of trips to the dunes and a pretty comfortable 30 miler today I am feeling pretty strong. Largely I believe thanks to Rory's efforts with some leg weights sessions recently (thanks Rorz).

So my dilemma is Barry 40 - to race or not to race that is the question! If any of you have any opinions I would love to hear them - it's on March 4th (MdS starts on April 6th). It's a fabulous event but I just don't want to reck my chances in Morocco again this year (I did a 100km the weekend before last year and paid the consequences from about 4 miles into day 1)!!

Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying your training, particularly now the temperatures have eased a little bit (fingers crossed for the weekend and our London ULTRAracers). If any of you have any recent achievements (PBs, placings, or just runs that have gone well) then I'd love to hear them - I find it really motivating!!

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