Thursday, 16 February 2012

Weapon of Choice - Fat Boy Slim

I was really amused on Costco in Cardiff today when I saw an instore demonstrator with quite a beer belly and chunky bum wobbling on a core exercise machine, like a jelly on a plate. I heard him say 'all you need to do love is 10 minutes a day on yur and you'll soon be toned up'... Hmm... He wasn't the best advert IMO and her £249 could be far better spent on dietary advice and a few running sessions with yours truly. Well it made me giggle anyway...

To keep me in shape tomorrow I am running and marking the Tribesports London Ultra tomorrow with Jenny so I think I will give the above core machine a miss for another time. If he's still there in a week or so, he'll be lovely and toned, no doubt!

More tomorrow from the course...

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