Thursday, 2 February 2012

Telephone Line - Electric Light Orchestra

It's been just one of those days... dropped my iPhone and been pipped to a couple of car-parking spaces by some pretty aggressive Pensioners and raced by women collecting children from school around the  ridiculous road system at The Cardiff Bay... The only saving grace was from my old adversary - Orange UK.

Since moving our mobile account over to a business account from a personal account... hasn't been easy... it was less easy when they said my phone wasn't insured. Fortunately for 'Geordie Steve' after getting my first barrel funnily enough 'Found' that the phone WAS covered... but would cost £50 for admin... until getting the second barrel when it became the old £15 that I was expecting.

How nice, I thought... and happily rung off, victorious.

Even nicer when he phoned me 10 minutes later and said that because of their poor service, it was going to be totally FREE. Good old Orange! That's what I say and wouldn't it be nice if more companies did the same eh? Bit of 'Geordie Steve' at Vodafone would sharpen them boys up a bit for one...

More tomorrow after 6pm when I will be hammering my new iPhone...

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