Saturday, 18 February 2012

Armed and Ready - MSG

Time for action on the eve of the Tribesports London ULTRA... well it was last night anyway when we route marked throughout the night. The biggest casualty was my poor old eardrums as the Lovely Jenny went into whinge mode after just a few (6) hours of running.

We've worked out that she's a speed merchant and wants to get to the end asap and I am just an ULTRA-runner who just likes being out there clocking up the miles regardless of how long it takes... in this case far too many hours, stickering and marking the course.

We finally got back to base at 6.30am this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed the 'Adventure' of the night and felt special that we were the only people probably in the UK doing what we did last night. All I can say is for Jenny, she was glad to get back.

Perhaps, route marking is a solo job from now on... or we need to use the Tandem or a Taxi...

It will be a lot easier for you tomorrow and see you nice and early.

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