Thursday, 16 February 2012

Who are you? - The Who

Couple of things today which got me thinking and hot under the collar... I wonder if you know who the guy is in the picture, as I didn't after watching a very 'tanned' interview on TV. His name is Alex Reid and to find out, I had to 'Google' - 'Man married to Katie Price' as that's his claim to having Celebrity Status it seems, and is listed on Wiki as an ex-cage fighter. A whole career from an 11 month marriage to Jordan, amazing! Makes me wonder why we let these people into our lives as they offer us nothing...

Just like UK MAIL, whose inability to deliver three parcels to one address in one go was only matched by their Telephone Help Desk who was SO off-hand and monosyllabic in her first replies were surpassed to my 'So two parcels are on the Van and one is in Chelmsford' by simply remarking', 'It's not hard is it',  I put my phone down in disgust.

Maybe we could put ex-cage fighter Alex to go and do some Customer Care practise at UK MAIL - a good solution all round - no gloves allowed of course...

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