Sunday, 24 July 2011

Theme from Mission Impossible - U2

I had a great day out at 'The Outlaw' starting at a ridiculously early hour of 6am to see the 600 or so competitors set off on a 2.4mile swim of the Holmepierre Pont Lake. I must say that there was a vast spectrum of Mark Spitz to people who look like they would have trouble breast stroking the length of an average bath tub... the time difference between the first and last people was just amazing - as was one guys aero-helmet for the bike which went most of the way down his back... does it make that much difference?

Anyway, I went away and went back to see Jenny run her marathon leg, which she did in a great time of 3:27 much as we had predicted. Nice going one Jenny...

Looking on wasn't easy and I will have to get a few more miles in later tonight if I am going to keep my mileage up for the month. One good thing is that I don't have to swim first!

More tomorrow... now where do I get one of them helmets?

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