Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Speed of Sound - Coldplay

A week and the best part of 70+ miles later and I am well on the way to getting into shape. The hills of Majorca make a great place to get fit I can assure you... bashing ones way up the best part of 400 metre hill in the mid-day heat really makes you feel the part of an athlete in training. And that's what I have to believe right now to make the next 12 months hard work pay-off.

A conditioning session tonight has continued the training process tonight and I am now going to build a 12 week macro cycle that I will repeat four times from August 1st 2011 right thru to 31st July 2012.

More tomorrow... and more running.

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  1. On fire at the moment!! Sadly my knees are playing up again... back to the Physio! :( hopefully nothing serious!


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