Friday, 8 July 2011

Big Time - Peter Gabriel

Well we're down in ARAF this weekend as a bit of a breather from a heavy week of running and planning our 2012 season. The succession of people coming for training for next year's Marathon des Sables has really got my mileage up and I now have a good head of steam to possibly go and get that elusive 10th Guinness World Record. I was in the 2002 book!

Be about time too eh?

Don't ask me what it will be as I ain't telling you! I will however be talking about next year's project on here from time to time AND it will be my main focus of next year, especially as it would mark a great entry into my 50's.

Anyway, back on the ground and we will both be at Cardiff Park Run in the morning... 5km... not easy on my tired old legs!

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