Friday, 22 July 2011

Talk Talk - Talk Talk

Well, who would have thought I would be speaking to a load of Triathletes about Motivation and Training eh? But watch out tomorrow if you are competing or going to 'The Outlaw' in Nottingham as I will be there at 2pm giving it plenty to anyone who will listen!

We went out there today in fact and had a good look around and it looks like being a great event for those of the 'Speedo-Bike-Run' persuasion... My Jenny is part of a relay team with her running the marathon part hoping to win the Team trophy. They have the fastest lady swimmer in Helen 'Swims like a fish' Gorman so they will have a really impressive lead as the bike leg starts. No pressure eh Girls?

Having not being asked... It got to has got me thinking that maybe I could have a go at an Ironman if I really got to grips with the swim... having a personal best of 10 yards only leaves me 4214 yards short, maybe I ought to get down the local pool.

Makes you think? And if I do, I won't get the daft Tattoo!


  1. Know your limits Coleman, stick to dry land

  2. Yep ironman tattoos are truely tragic but a masterpiece of marketing.


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