Monday, 11 July 2011

Move any Mountain - The Shamen

Yesterday, I went mountain walking with Jenny, her brother Mark, and father Sir Michael, in the Brecon Beacons and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mark's previous army selection hikes with pack and rifle set the standard of the walk (V HARD) and I was really surprised at how well Jenny managed to keep up with the guys, especially as she is the first to acknowledge that she is a dawdler...

After five hours and a few summits, including Pen y Fan, we did the decent thing and headed back to the car rather than get in a couple more of Mark's summits and five more miles. I think the lure of the Ice-Cream Van on the Brecon Road was just too much for us in the end. That Orange lolly really hit the spot, too. What I do know is that I can feel the old calf muscles this morning.

Maybe we'll have to go again... it's all good training for Majorca where heat and incline will meet once again.

More tomorrow...

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