Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Way We Walk - Genesis

Well the second End2End in as many days really tested the trotters today and 40 miles of walking really worked my feet and it's amazing how all that walking hurts after many hours on the road. I must say that the walking fraternity are quite an officious bunch and it was 'Hi-Vis' heaven and there were far too many rules for me to follow if I was being honest but we were well looked after and we got from A to B without getting run over or causing major incident.

I think completing the course in reverse helped as Bethany and I knew what to expect and towards the end we helped, encouraged and fixed people as they fell by the wayside... there was some courage today, I can tell you.

My feet held out and Bethany's got her to thirty today before they started to blister down the hills and she showed great courage in carrying on to the end. This will work well for her JOGLE Ultra preparation...

Tomorrow... well it's a lie in and then a plane, bus and two trains back home... nice.

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