Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Heavens to Betsy - Direction

Rory says:- While Jenny has been tittling with her feet... I have been looking at my Direction. After spending some hours teaching navigational skills in fields, I then used Tom Tom to negotiate my way across Derby. Now that confused the heck out of my I-phone and made me think of what we used to do in the old days (Pre-Gadget) of getting from A to B via X.

I actually think it was easier back then as we didn't rely on being told where to go but then again we didn't have the back up of being told to turn left or right at the next junction. Only in my case yesterday I got into the position of going the wrong way up newly reversed direction streets in Derby whilst speaking to Jenny on how to navigate her way around Nottingham via the phone I was using to Tom Tom with. What madness!

I am hoping that I will not be taking such a complicated journey into my training... as this is where the new direction is starting to take shape. With my male macho in full flow, my performance coach (that's Jen, though she doesn't know this) is out running with me each night. It hurts like hell, but it's starting to pay off... I'll keep you posted.

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