Saturday, 25 September 2010

Forty - U2

Well I joined the End2End Club again today only this time on the Isle of Man. A glorious day of running with an ever changing backdrop of breathtaking scenery that helped mask some of the large hills the island has to offer.

Running with local ULTRA legend Bethany Clague helped pass the time and also helped me realise just what the island has to offer. Bethany should become a tour guide, I think...

Anyway, mile after mile passed and 'Saint Ernie of Man' our support for the day kept us topped up with vital supplies ALL day. He made a real difference to our day I can tell you. He will be there tomorrow, thankfully, as we tackle the route again, only in the other direction along with 300 other competitors out to make their journey from End2End.

So far my journey to the Isle of Man has been most satisfying... I enjoyed my speaking engagement at the Creg Ny Braa Hotel on the famous TT Course and I loved the run today...

More tomorrow as I need to out my feet up!

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